ADAM 3000

ADAM 3000
ADAM 3000




    1. Manageable, portable or desk-measure-instrument
    2. High resolution 8,4" TFT – Colour display 800 x 600 pixel ( SVGA ) for analogue and digital TV-Signals and exposition graphic design
    3. Special backlight, thus excellently readable also in bright sunlight
    4. ( type. 600 cd/m² )

      1. Easy to operate using 12 hard keys and infra-red touch screen for menu navigation
      2. Alphanumeric keypad screen for entering text and numbers.



    1. MER – measurement for all digital modulation types
    2. BER – measurement pre and post Viterbi
    3. Spectrum analyser
    4. Simultaneous spectrum and picture analysis
    5. Variable start/stop frequency for spectrum analysis
    6. Storage oscilloscope
    7. Constellation analyser
    8. MPEG-und analogue TV-Monitor
    9. Demodulation of analogue signals: AM (CATV, Terr.), FM (Sat, Radio)
    10. Demodulation of digital signals: DVB-C, DVB-T, DVB-S
    11. ( DVB-S2 in development )

      Demodulation of digital USA-Standards (J83B, DOCSIS, ATSC)

      Video – measurement options: video amplitude with line selection, S/N measurement, hum measurement

      Oscilloscope with large result display ( zoom-in on selected signal selection )

      with numerical value display

      Transmitter selection for DVB-C, DVB-S, DVB-T and analogue via frequency input, channel input and user lists

      Remote control via Ethernet, RS 232 and PCMCIA module (analogue Modem, GSM-Modem, Bluetooth, WLAN)

      Display of SID, PMT-PID, PCR-PID, CA-Info, elementary current PID and type

      Measured value detection


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