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Transformers are an essential

component in almost all electrical and

electronic products made today. The

manufacture of transformers and other

wound components is a complex process

with many opportunities to introduce

functional or safety-related faults .

Testing has therefore always been an

essential part of the production process

to ensure the performance, safety and

reliability of wound components.

methods of testing transformers

For many years, test instrumentation available to the transformer

market has limited manufacturers to one of these testing methods.

Unfortunately, these methods may have a number of problems:



The need for highly trained test staff.



Possibility of errors occurring between test stations that

make zero-error testing impossible.



Many instruments are required to provide complete

functional and safety testing.



A large amount of component handling during test.



Speed of testing is limited. So, sample testing or reduced

function testing may be required to match production output.



Changing from one transformer type to another can be

time consuming.



Maintenance/calibration of many separate instruments.

With an ever increasing complexity of transformer design,

manufacturers around the world are facing pressure to

provide lower cost components that are fully tested to

ensure zero defects.



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